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A Mixed Bag

November 16, 2009

That’s pretty much how the past few days have gone – some good, some not-so-good. Despite all the craziness of the weekend, I went into work with a clear head and a good attitude.  Bosses think I have a great idea, actually, so I’m currently hard at work on the coming Rossum TV spot.  I  have no idea how I managed to pull that off, but hey, I solve problems.  That’s just what I do.  Due to that, this’ll be a quick post.

I think Matt and I had a fight, but I’m not really sure.  I ended up spilling all about the video I saw.  About all the people downing on my client.  He seemed to get defensive and pretty much told me I was stupid for even considering that the twitter populace might be onto something.  While it felt good that someone else thought it was as ludicrous as I’d like to think it is, I can’t believe he would say those things to me.  It was just a side of him I’ve never seen before.  When I asked him (okay, I raised my voice ….. a little) for some support and explained how scared I’ve been, he turned right back into normal, supportive and charming Matt.  He said he was just a little mad that I hadn’t come to him right away when all this started.  I guess we both showed a little less of our ideal selves.  I suppose I should be happy that we’re lowering our dating masks a bit, but I’m still upset over how it felt.

Right afterward, he insisted on making it up to me by taking me to Saks. I didn’t (and still don’t) feel comfortable about guys buying me stuff, but somehow there’s a pair of the sexiest shoes on my table at this very moment.  And holy crap! Not that I pay attention to these things, but they cost 478 buckaroos!  They’re absurdly gorgeous and I cannot wait to show them off.

So, I’m trying to keep this whole video thing in perspective.  It can’t be me.  That’s all there is to it.  Still going to take that self-defense class though.  Best to be cautious, after all.  Maybe I can use it to defend my girlfriends from creepy guys.  That’s me, kicking butt in brand-new fabulous shoes.  😉



November 14, 2009

Wow.  This has been a strange 48hrs.  Thank god for alcohol!  And coffee.  Sadly, neither is helping my anxiety…..

So, when I got my twitter account, all these people started tweeting me about Rossum, and a video (more on that in a sec), and Iceland for some reason.  They’re asking very personal questions about my friends, my life and it’s really hard to keep up with all of them.  Unless I have something important to say, the tweets are going to be few and far between.

First off, Rossum is a good company.  Do any of you have any proof of Rossum doing shady practices?  I’m not sure what you people have against it, but there’s nothing bad about them, that I know of.  They’re simply a client that I have felt is worth all my efforts.  And there’s not much else I can say about that due to the NDA.  I’m worried that Monday when I tell them about all this (minus the video, paranoia and all), I might lose my job or something.  I’m working on a potential press release now.  I’ll just have to remind them that even crazy promotion is still promotion.  People are talking about them at least.

Matt and Liz are my friends.  You folks don’t really have the right to say anything bad about them, since you don’t know them.  Believe me, if one of them suddenly develops samurai skills or grows a second head, I’ll be sure to report on it.  This started out as a personal blog, that not many people knew about, and has turned into a bleeping circus with all kinds of strange comments.

The video.  Yep, it looks like me.  Sounds like me.  I look scared in that video.  I feel scared, right now, thinking about it.  It’s hard to watch something like that, seeing my face speaking words I’ve never said, never heard before (“ditch the tech”, wtf?).  I can’t decide if I have an estranged, separated at birth twin (mom, you got something to tell me?) or ….what else is possible?  Those crazy twitter people also mentioned it being from the future, lol.  It makes me feel a little crazy to even consider that this is not some sick joke, that this could actually be real and I’m the one who hasn’t caught up.

Just so the CTPs (crazy twitter people) will stop asking:

Nope, never been to Iceland.  Yes, Rossum has an office in Akranes. Next to the listing in the notes, it just says “Heiti branch”.  No, I don’t know why.

Matt’s a scientist.  He is not dumb, he’s smart and wonderful and treats me very well.  Liz is an anthropologist.  I sent her an email about pictures from Iceland, but when or if she sends them to me, I have no clue. We don’t talk about work much.  Anything else is frankly none of your business.

I don’t know anyone named Sara. Never heard of Spectrin, and they’ve never been a client of any place I worked.  I don’t know anyone pictured on the Spectrin website.

I don’t remember much about last night.  Liz told me about the cabbie’s accent, cause I was laughing at it and asking him questions just to get him to talk.  Boy, am I embarrassed about that…….

Oh, and December 4th is my 25th birthday, nothing coincidental about that.  I’m hosting a bash and none of you CTPs are invited, lol.

With all this paranoia and black vans business, I’m going to start taking a self-defense class.  I might need it.  I just don’t know what else to do.  I’m usually the problem solver, but that video just keeps playing out in my head…..”Oh god, they’re here.”

What am I going to do?

Free at Last!

November 13, 2009

It’s done!  If you hear screaming from across the city, that is me.  The project which has alienated me from my girlfriends is finally done.  Tonight I sat down, at home and just let myself relax.  And I’m so excited, cause now I can talk about it.  This is the first time I’ve done something for a company that I really believe in.  The client reps were so passionate about what they’re doing.  I got to tour some of their facilities and meet some of the recipients of their cutting edge technology, just to get a feel for what they’re about.  This is a big company with a surprisingly big heart.  I just can’t believe I’ve never heard of them before now.

The launch was a couple of days ago, so I can show off my handiwork now!  I give you, The Rossum Corporation:

So, I promised my girls I would have a big bash for my birthday to make up for all the time I’ve lost.  So mark it on your calendars: Friday, Dec 4th, the party’s on me.  I won’t post details online, but there will be sushi, martinis, and possibly an evening dancing to 80’s music, just to watch my girls’ eyes pop.

Oh.  And Mateo will be there.  🙂



October 23, 2009

Not much to post, been uber busy at work and no social life whatsoever.  Instead, here’s two pretty pictures I took on the way to work, with hope for more details later.  Boy, I could use some girl time!



Love the contrast of uptown and downtown.


Also, *must* have those boots.

Great White BBQ

October 9, 2009

Ugh.  I guess I wasn’t kidding about the family barbeque torture.  It was wonderful to see the fam again, I really miss my mom and big sis, Kara.  But my Aunt Glenda showed up.  She still hasn’t forgiven me for getting out of Toronto and getting a life.   Yeah, mom was a wreck after dad died, but she knew why I left and even encouraged me to go.  Aunt Glenda doesn’t really have a right to be mad at me, imo.  But she can hold an amazing grudge, so there ya go.  Not much I can do about it.

Good thing I didn’t invite Matt along, though I thought about it.  It would have been a little embarrassing, since we don’t know each other that well still.  My gal pals think it’s pretty funny that we haven’t hooked up yet, despite hanging out twice since last post.  I just stick my tongue out at them and order another choco martini.

In other news, there’s a big project at work coming up.  No details yet, but it may wrap up right around my b-day, so hopefully I’ll have even more to celebrate!


Central Park Huntin’

October 2, 2009


Here’s a pic I took while walking around with Matt (short for Mateo, of all things) today.  Oh, I didn’t tell you about Mateo?  I met him out in Central Park while I was, what else, taking pictures.  He’s absolutely charming and interesting and I might just have a little crush on him.  I just love how New York allows for such awesome opportunities.  Anyway, we went and had coffee and then he let me take pictures of him in the park.  Oh, and he’s beautiful, by the way, but I won’t post any pics of him yet (I forgot to ask permission and anyway, I didn’t really want him to know about my blog, just in case).  All you get is a pic displaying the beauty of NYC.  Enjoy!


Hello world!

September 25, 2009

Well, I’m finally giving into pressure from the family (and my good friend Laura) to start a blog where I can update on my life and post some pictures.  I didn’t realize how fascinating I must be, lol.  So I’ll start with an introduction.

Hello! My name is Alexandra Dawson.  No, I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek.  I’m 24, single and living in the Big Apple and loving life!  I got the job of my dreams two years ago working in Public Relations.  I grew up in Toronto, but NYC always called to me, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I love the night life here.  There is always something happening, good or bad.  My fave night time hangout makes the best chocolate martini.  The dating scene is hopping, but I don’t really like to shop for dates in bars.  It’s like going to Goodwill and expecting to find a diamond necklace.  But I don’t mind a little flirting, lol.  I’m the one who usually keeps an eye on my gal pals to make sure they don’t do anything stupid.  😉

In the morning, I enjoy just sitting at a café, sipping my soy latte (with extra shot of espresso)  and watching people as they pass, wondering what their lives are like.  And wondering if our paths will ever cross again in any significant way, wondering if any of these thousands of people will ever be important to me.

My job keeps me busy, that’s for sure.  I write up press releases and consult on company brand and image.  Keeping a pulse on the mood of the world, the internet, the city helps to craft the thousands of ways that I can make a company look better, cleaner, more eco-friendly.  Or recover from a PR disaster, those are tough, but I love the challenge of it.  Some people might say it’s dishonest, but we all have a different face that we show to different groups of people.  To my friends, I’m the wildly opinionated, funny and slightly over-protective Alex.  To my bosses I’m the tough, go-getting and (hopefully) creative problem solver Alexandra.  And to my parents, I’m little Ally, who’s all grown up, but still needs to be reminded to avoid dark alleys, even though she’s perfectly knowledgeable about the dangers of the city (I love you too, mom! 😉 ) So, it’s all relative, right?

Anyway, I’ll be going to a family barbeque in Toronto in two weeks, so I’ll be sure to update after that torture. Totally kidding!